About Us


SDG Alliance is your ally in creating a global impact! We partner with businesses to provide full support in creating the strategy for the most efficient implementation of the SDGs into your business models to increase competitiveness by accelerating sustainable development impact creation.


Who We Are

SDG Alliance is a global platform that offers business expansion support and creates opportunities for international companies to collaborate and create SDG impact by integrating technology.


SDG Alliance’s goal is to empower companies to understand the long-term SDG impact and encourage the integration of the SDG into their strategy, culture, and operations.

What We Do

SDG Alliance directly assists our Advocates with highly successful value-added programs, knowledge sharing, matchmaking, networking, and promotion to advance technology and accelerate business growth.

Support Team

IT Support Engineer – EUTECH
IT Support Specialist – EUTECH

Ingrid Lurtz

General Secretariat – Munich Office

Our Supporters

Strategic Alliance Partners

Strategic Partners are organizations with similar objectives and directions that work in parallel with the EU Tech Chamber to achieve our goals and believe in our vision, Technology Obliges!