SDG Alliance


The level of impact and sustainability engagement eligible for the recognition starts already at the stage of successfully led strategic projects and sustainable development integration by involving emerging economies and providing a leading example for the achievement of the right balance between innovative value creation, and stakeholder inclusiveness and transparency.


Through our climate action-related webinars, events, and networking programs, we help to create awareness and dialogue among technology leaders to develop advanced solutions for the challenges in the path to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 


SDG Alliance Testimonials

Knowledge sharing and networking was key to us during our journey with EUTECH Chamber through their innovative digital platform. As a startup providing productive of solar energy in the agribusiness value chain, we’ve been able to align our strategy to SDGs goals and gather a lot of market insights through the different events organized by the chamber

William Gartland Aznar International Business Consulting

EUTEC is impressive with all his excellent dialogue possibilities. Especially the work of the SDG Alliance and meetings have broaden my Network. But even more important I feel the spirit of willingness for exchange and cooperation in respect and tolerance between the members and advocates

John Crowley Chairman & CEO PHGD Group